Frequently Asked Questions

In what form will I receive my rebate for Bosch Promotions?

Rebates are sent by U.S. Mail and paid in the form of a Visa Gift Card, valid anywhere the Visa Card is accepted.

Do I need to call to validate my rebate card from the promotion?

Each card comes with instructions to call a toll-free number to activate it once or you can go online to activate it. You may need to use your telephone number provided in your application to activate the card.

Why am I getting an error when I enter my serial number?
  • Complete Serial Numbers are required. They will range in length from 18 to 27 characters not including dashes
  • Serial numbers should be taken from the boiler, the serial number on the wholesalers invoice is not always accurate or complete.
  • Serial numbers should be taken from the boiler, if there is more than one box packaged with the boiler not all boxes will have the boiler serial number.
  • Serial numbers should be entered without the dashes.
  • Be sure to select the correct product and model combination. If you have a GC124 without and Aquasmart and don’t select the model name that states w/o AquaSmart the serial number will be invalid
I don’t see my product listed
  • All eligible and current model numbers are listed in the pull downs
  • Many wholesalers have not updated their data bases with current model names. If you don’t see your model please check the boiler for the current model name
  • You can also check the or to check current product
Where do I find a Bosch SM Serial Number?

Locating Bosch product serial numbers

Serial numbers are 18 to 28 characters in length (not including the dashes). The best place to get the serial number is from the unit – just snap a picture of it with your phone when you complete the installation and you will have it. Each section is crucial to make a unique serial number. If only part of serial number is provided there is the probability that it will be a duplicate and your entry will not be accepted.

Bosch Greensource CDi Series SM Model Heat Pumps serial number and model information is located on the rating label – refer to image to the left. Note that serial number should be about 23 characters and the model number should begin with “SM”.